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Please feel free to also let us know of any products you'd like us to stock in the future and we'll try our best (^-^)


Hey! I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your squishies and website in general! I have always wanted to get something from the website and even just looking at them puts a smile on my face! I wanted to buy something off here soooooo bad, that i betted my parents that if I pass my violin exam ( fun fact about myself :D ), they will have to buy me something off here!!! And the best thing off all, I PASSED MY EXAM!!! Looking forward to be buying soon! Keep it up. :D xox - Orchid :D


When I was a bit younger I collected squishies but stopped for quite long until I had another look at this website : and realised how much I love squishies ! I just received my package of a yummibear mermaid and a vlampo alpaca ! I’m in love thankyou so much for the little Mochi extra too ! This website never fails to impress me and hopefully I’ll be ordering again soon ! ( thankyou or the new feauture of firee delivery for over a certain price )


First of all, I have finally found an amazing UK squishy shop!!! second, the packages have all come between 2-5 days in the three times Ive ordered from here! Third, This time I ordered a blind box capsule and they gave me one F R E E with it! Thank you so so so so so so so so much kawaiicupboard!! Oh also, where have all these ibloom squishes come from????? Im impressed!!

Laura Redmore

I just wanted to say a big thank you. I received my squishies super fast and in perfect condition. I'm so impressed I have made a second order and am hoping to make another one next week! I also want to thank you for being so helpful and accommodating when I contacted you via Instagram - these are the things that set your company apart from all the rest! You have certainly gained another very loyal customer and I look forward to many more squishies from Kawaii cupboard! Highly recommended Xxx

Mrs Katherine M A Botting

I am not only doing this review as someone who collects squishies. But as a disabled person who has nerve problems with their hands and have to do regular physio at home . Squishies believe it or not also help with this and it helps make exercising the hands Alot more fun and colourful than using the aids provided by the NHS. I am also a busy mum and suffer from depression and anxiety so again this helps. So not only is this company providing a good service to the younger generations. It's also helping people with disabilities both mentally and physically. The squishies are extremely good value but once the order is placed they arrive in super quick time. Amy takes a lot of care and attention when packing people's orders to help ensure everything arrives safely and in immaculate condition. Which sadly overseas sellers lack attention to detail. I also like the finishing touch of a little thank you gift to show they appreciate the fact you have chosen kawaii cupboard to satisfy your squishy needs. The little finishing touches mean a lot to the customer and it's the difference between never seeing the customer again or having regular order's for years to come. I have shopped with kawaii cupboard a number of years and actually got to know Amy personally last year. This has to be the best UK squishy /kawaii goods supplier within the uk. I have yet to find another company that lives up to kawaii cupboards good reputation. In fact the outstanding service I have received from kawaii cupboard has put many overseas companies to shame. If there is something you want and kawaii cupboard do not stock it, on several occasions Amy has done her best to find the item for me. Very honoured to know the team at kawaii cupboard and hope they remain successful and no.1 for many years to come xxxx


For Christmas I got the £30 grab bag and I was very pleased with everything I got. I got some rare and very pretty squishies that were fairly slow riseing for the size. They all came with liscencing and nicely designed tags. There was a very good vary of squishies ranging from foods to characters. I highly recommend buying the squishies from here and I will defiantly be ordering from here again.


Order recieved very quickly, thank you. I bought lots of Squishies for my ten year old daughters birthday next week. I noticed you put a free gift in the box. Perfect, was a lovely surprise for my 3 year old who was disappointed that I bought lots of presents for her sister haha. Thank you again will order again.


I just received my sumikko gurashi goods today and I am super impressed with the service!! Great prices, fast shipping and I even had a couple of freebies thrown in with my order. Will definitely order with you guys again!

Jenna Todd

I think my package is gonna come tomorrow! I ordered a Caticorn SQUISHY !


So excited to order the item that I want ! This is the best squishy website ever !




hi its me again just a few suggestions Puni maru jumbo bakery puni maru jumbo bannas original yummy bear doughnuts jumbo i bloom peach hello kitty slow rising doughnuts hello kitty slow rising cream puff kawaii box with stationary and plushies and maybe slime and squishy for different £ candy packs make your own squishy make your own squishy kits with paint blank squishy and tags starter packs with commens and one or two rares for people on a budget advanced packs with a few commens but mostly rare and christmas packs i hope you use some of my suggestions , Emily

Melissa Kemp

my daughter just recieved her package as she is not well she has a little smile on her face now and she loves everything including her extra


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! This store is so cheap I have ordered of it once already and I love it thanks so much


im getting my 40 pound grab bag in 1 dayyyyy yayyyyyyy so exited to see what i get


I have shopped from this website so many times! I have watched it grow and become more popular! Every single time I have ordered, I have been so excited to open up the package! Its always super fast delivery and amazing condition. This is the go to website for any birthday or celebration! I love it! <3


please make £20 - £ 30 grab bags and jumbo punt maru bananas yummy bear doughnuts please


xould you make like 30 pond grab bags also could you get in the super jumbo melon bread from ouni maru and also puni maru jumbo strawberrys xx


i recived my 100 pound package and will defo be speding more on here best store ever xx


can you make £30 £20 grab bags xx


Cant wait to receive my package im getting for passing my SATS exams if you would like to see me open my package go to my youtube channel which is pineapplesquisher. Love Libby ps My mum says her bank balence isnt happy lol


Hi, I am so excited for my squishy package to come tomorrow ( I think it will) and btw the SanQi Elan cat hamburger is so cute =^.^=


Hey I was just wondering if you could maybe one day get the mochi seal in stock? Thanks!!


Have ordered from here several times, always fantastic!




Hi there can you get some pat pat sheep squishies in stock if you do i will be soooo happy thankyou ☺

Phoebe Taylor

I would really love it if you would add some kiibru english collosal breads please xx




I am so amazed with all of your stock! its all so cute xx is it possible to re-stock millie the whale. kind regards lily


Thank you soooo much for getting the puni maru strawberries in i have been waiting to buy one for ages and you have got them in stock yayyy!☺


Hi! I just want to say to all those people who haven't ordered from kawaii cupboard yet, I definitely think that u should buy from them, it doesn't take long to arrive if u live in the uk, also they always include amazing extras such as charms, erasers, or squishies maybe! :D every time I order from them it's always perfect so I just want to say thank u kawaii cupboard :)

Phoebe Taylor

Can you please add the puni maru jumbo cornet and some more plushies xx


Hi there can you try and get some puni maru animal buns jumbo and little king bananas and some puni maru strawberries i orderd from you before and you gave a very nice little gift i really appreciate that gift thanks!☺

Rolandas Latvys

Hi, I have not ordered from you yet but I definitely will.I'm super excited.Please add more Iblooms and Puni Maru and chawa squishies.I am looking forward to ordering from you.Thank you.


Hello! If just like to say how good this shop really is and how convenient it is being located in the UK! I recently bought a really big package and it arrived within three days, that's an amazing delivery time considering all the things in place. I received all of what I ordered in absolute top condition, as well as two gifts which made me smile. I will definitely order from here again and I wish you luck with your shop and whoever decides to shop here it's recommended from me. -Abigail

Phoebe Taylor

Can you please add some kiibru fruits like the strawberries and some puni maru squishies please xx <3


Hey please may you add more iblooms


Hi could you please add some More HK doughnuts? And some Only sweets cafe X ibloom dougnuts? It would be cool if u spstocked a wider range! Thanks for restocking the iblooms I have gotta buy the purple Snowy!


Hi! I'm so happy that there is a squishy shop in UK! :) and I've been ordered from here for 7 times and it's really great! I just wonder if you can get some water squishy? <3 I'm so addicted with that squishy! and go restock more squishy if you can before christmas! because I'm going to ask squishy for my christmas gift haha


Hello I will be ordering from you guys hopefully but I was about to place my order when I looked at the website and the iBloom medium peach was sadly out of stock the iBloom medium peach was one of the items I was going to purchase but sadly I cannot now could you please restock your iBloom medium peaches that would be very appreciated I will still be ordering my other items and I am very excited for that thank you.


Hi ! I was so happy that you can stock some Kiibru and Puni Maru Squishies! But sadly the Kiibru cake was already sold :( and that time I was going to buy that x/ and also restock the Moni Moni Animals Please! and the jumbo peaches too! Hee hee! This christmas I was going to buy a lots of squishies xD and I will be happy if you restock the cake again <3


Hi I would love it if you could bring back the Millie and billie the whale in the original faces and the super jumbo iBloom peaches


I am the most amazed person ever, my daugher wanted a squishy for like years and years and have been begging me to get her some, be bought the millie whale and, she CRYED of tears and i was so happy they didnt scam!!

lorna s

Wow. Got delivery today, ordered a load of things for my wee girls Christmas. She will be delighted. Lovely, helpful, attentive service and amazing extra gift. Will definitely recommend and be ordering again. Thanks Amy x


Wow kawaii cupboard is amazing thank you Amy! I have ordered from here before and I have received an extra from you too which is great, also the package shipped about 3 hours after I ordered it and it usually arrives the following day!

Victoria Partington

Had such excellent service from my first order of the Colossal Bread & iBloom Peach both extremely well packed and super quick delivery, have tonight come back to Kawaii Cupboard and ordered all my Daughters favourite Squishies for Christmas, all excited for the delivery and will be back to order again soon for her up and coming birthday! Thankyou so much for a wonderful service :D


Totally addicted with this shop OMG! I bought some squishies 2 times from here and it's always nice everytime! Please let me know if you stock some puni maru squishies and eric! also areedy! That would be really great! Going to buy another things now x3 Thanks! :D


Hello! This Shop Is So Trusted! <3 If you can, Can You Stock Puni Maru Brand and Eric? Also Areedy! That would be amazing! If you stock that I'll buy it ! <3


My daughter was over the moon with millie the whale. I would highly recommend Kawaii cupboard to for all those squishy fans out there! They are quick in delivery and even added a free gift which was a great surprise and really nice of the kawaii cupboard seller to do so. Ive even gone and just bought billie the whale :) Thank you Kawaii, you are superstars!


Hi Amy. I just recieved my 3rd purchase from here and im super duper Happy about it. I really Want the Puni Maru mochi seals so if you could get Them ill be so Happy :D - Manse


Hey so when are you going to restock the ibloom jumbo peaches I was just about to order one and know I can't and my parents say that that is the last thing you can get with your money so when are you great work keep on going with this as some shop Kind regards Caitlin


Your squishies are so affordable! I have purchased from here many times and 100% satisfied every time! please could you stock in some puni maru squishies tho??


Amazing squishies amazing prices and super fast delivery!!! ^ . ^

Martina Khan-Kunova

Love that you have put more I bloom squishies on here, could you possibly start selling puni maru too?


I loved the new squishies your website is getting better and better. Just ibloom squishies are too expensive so please make them a little cheaper please ?? Keep up the amazing.

Sarah Fleming

Totally addicted to Squishys now that i have found a UK Shop!!! IBloom is my fave brand and Cafe De N!! Any chance of getting more IBloom's and possibly Eric Squishys in?? X


Thanks so much for all the Rilakkuma erasers hope to order again soon ??


I'm so happy with my squishy package. Ordering from here is really easy and the delivery is super fast. Please could you stock more Hello Kitty squishies. I would love to have the new bow macaron, ice cream and cake roll squishies. Everything is super cute <3


First squishy package i ever got was from here, and i loved it! Thank you :D


Thank you so much this is really good it was my first package ever and it arrived just on my birthday amazing thx for the gift to it is so cute I'm definently ordering from here again x

Nadia H

I love this website, it's the only UK squishy store I have seen! I would love it if you could get some more I bloom squishys and some Mochi seals. Thanks :)


I absolutely adore your shop it's amazing and the prices are affordable. There has not yet been any mixed up orders and I got an extra squishy with my package that I am absolutely delighted with. Thanks!


My package arrived super fast. Thank you so much for my adorable squishies! I'm so glad to have found a shop in the UK that sells them. I can't wait to order again soon <3


Received my third package from KawaiiCupboard and am amazed on how quick the shipping was, only three day's! Amazing. I totally recommend anyone who just love's receiving goodies quick and fast from here and recommend getting the ibloom bear's (too cute to resist) haha! :) Thank you Amy, for another great package. Your amazing!


Fourth order LOL totally addicted! Thanks so much Amy, if you ever get a chance to order Rilakkuma sandwiches please let me know :D


This website is super cute and amazing! I can't wait to get my squishy package! All the squishies are sold at a decent price and I am super happy to know there is a squishy store in England! I will buy from here again for sure some other time!


Can you please restock all of the iBloom? And can you get a lot of them. Trust me it will get sold out in a second.

Chiara rossi

Hi amy thank you soo much for the wonderful squishies I love them soo much and I can't wait to order again :-)

Tayla S

Hi,I'm sooooo impressed! I have always loved squishy but I could never get like ibloom and sammy and more ! I'm so happy I found ur store! I had just been getting them at eBay recently but finally I found a real squishy store ! Thankyou so much ! Good quality squishies,fast delivery and u are so kind! Definitely recommend!! Thankyou Xx also do u know how much the ibloom hamster will be coz I'm only allowed it if it's under £20.00 ! Thankyou!

cheryl johnson

Thank you for my orders, they came quickly and I was so pleased with what I received and the extra was really appreciated ?


heyyyyy amy thanx so much for the emoji bread bun i would kindly ask if you can put jumbo ibloom peaches cause on youtube i have saw people get jumbo ibloom peaches recently kind regards caitlin <3


Hey you are great no offence to Amazon you are better than them at kawaii stuff I will just like to say can you get more ibloom stuff please that will be great like the ibloom peaches the oranges and the strawberries thank kind regards


Hi Amy I have ordered from your site 5 TIMES ! and I have been so impressed with every order ^-^ I would love if you could restock on the Ibloom SUOER JUMBO IBLOOM PEACHS ! I would DEFINATLEY recommend them for new comers great seller ! xx


Wow! My package came super quick! I ordered on Friday and it came today, Wednesday! I love the little extra yet super cute packaging! Thank you for making my day ^^ xx


Second order this week. Received fast and love my little freebie. Amy seems to know what I like :) Warning though you will be addicted to this place and products ;) thanks again Amy X


i ordered my ever first squishy package on monday, it was shipped by tuesday and arrived to me today which is friday! super fast shipping, and a UK squishy store is so rare! i got two breadou items, and a kumamon & they are so perfect! definitely order from kawaii cupboard if you're starting out collecting squishies like myself! thank you so much for the extra rilakkuma donut too!! <3 p.s. if you could stock pie chou's soon i will love you forever <3


Thank you Kawaii cupboard for your amazing service. I received all of my products in great condition, love them all, and will certainly use again. The postage was really quick, and thank you sooooo much for my free squishy. You are fantastic, and I love collecting squishies so your site is just what I need. Everything is affordable, and adorable. Taylor aged 12


I'm new to the squishy game and I was thrilled to find a UK store. But Amy is just exceptional. Her fast & friendly service is exactly what all online shops need! She helped change my order and even gave me a freebie. I am going to order more :D awesome products of the highest quality. Thank you so much xxxxx


Just starting a collection, this website is so good! Plus totally approve the comic sans font


I recommend to any Squishy or Kawaii Collector to purchase from Kawaii Cupboard, received my package really quick and so nicely. Thank you! :)

kawaii fan

I have been looking for letter sets everywhere. we used to have them all over the place when i was younger. thank you for keeping them in stock!


Omg amazing squishies!!!! I also got a free gift so thank you so much!!!

Hannah Paris

This is by far the best squishie shop in UK. I love it so much it has great prices and is as quick as they can to send it off. All of the packages I have were amazing no wrong orders or anything like that and they are so friendly. No matter what you get they give you an extra depending on how much you ordered and they are just so amazing. If you are just starting out on collecting squishies then this is the best place to get them from. I hope you order from them....Bye! -Hannah


I have just purchased one of the iBook bears, Lily! And I am so excited to receive it, I believe that £16.00 for an ibloom Bear is the cheapest I have seen it! People are selling them for £20.00-odd and so I would advise anyone to purchase any ibloom bear squishy on here. I have been wanting to purchase some kawaii things for a very long time, I think it's been 4 years of seeing people on YouTube show their squishies and Memo pads and I have always wished to get something like them. So I am really excited to receive my package, when I receive my package I will be the one filming a reveiw and haul. Eeeek! So excited!

Julie Jacob

Lovely delivery and really good prices. So *-* i will definitely be ordering more in the near future!!:incoming_envelope::two_hearts: Rare items and loads of my favorites (Y) :two_hearts:


Plz plz plz can you get I-bloom squishies <3 you have done mini peaches before ! I also really recommend this shop to any new comers !


Hi pls start doing iblooms squishy and notify me when it happens

Sara Bryan

Received my order today and i am very happy. Exactly as described and so squishy. Will defiantly be ordering again HIGHLY RECOMMEND, AMAZING SELLER! A*****


Dear Amy, thank you so soooo much for this lovely package!! Delivery was very fast and I LOOOOVE these cute letter sets!!!!!(*^O^*) They're amazing ? You're a great seller ;) *thumbs up*




We're going to order some squishies very soon and we'll do a video opening on YouTube. This site is so awesome, our followers are gonna love it as they can't find any good and affordable squishies anywhere!? Can't wait!!

Squishy Lover

Sent an email inquiring about delivery and got one back in less than an hour! Super impressed!!


I loved my squishy package it came sealed with deco tape and I got a rilakkuma chocolate pancake(awake) I also got a rilakkuma bedtime(rilakkuma in socks) sadly both of these were a stress ball material but they are so cute lastly I got a lucio the patissier cream filled panda macaroon strawberry(it is so soft) I am soo happy with my free gift it was a slipper squishy it's sooo slow rising. I have another parcel coming in 2 days and will make a haul on my YouTube with all the squishys I have got from kawaii cupboard!! Melissa x Ps.can you have squishys for a free gift all the time if they only order squishys!


I was so amazed with my package came in 4 days (live in the uk )I will be ordering again !!!!!!!


Love this store


POM POM PURIN envolope SOOOOOOO happy!


I was so exited ! I was looking for this one squishy which I couldn't find at a good price on the other stores and then I came here and I can't wait for it to come. Shipping the last 2 times took like 2 days (I'm not sure I can't remember but it was something like that!) I think I live quite close to your shop base!!


so cheap for great quality squishies my package is coming on thursday! Fave website ever!!!


I am so glad I found your website?? I am so impressed


I ordered my first squishy here and i have to say its GREAT! Shipping price is decent considering i live in Europe. And it took only 1 week and 3 days for it to get here! I love my squishy! And i am super excited to order again.Highly recommend ordering here.


hi my name is serenity it was my bday 9 days a go I wished for squishies but I did not get one I was so sad :(


Waiting on my second squishy package from this site, i was so impressed wih my first package, super fast shipping, high quality products, completely in love. I couldnt find a single fault if i tried:))


This is my first time buying squishes in general. I am super happy I found your website. (: can't wait to order and get my first squished ever!

Lucy Foran

hi guys this is like my 4 or 5th time ordering and i loved everything i got AGAIN!!!!!! but Amy please can you add more rare things but i love the shop!!!!!!!!


I spent hours looking for decent priced rilakkuma stickers and squishies from a UK shop, that weren't all out of stock :( Thank you :D


hiiii, I love this shop! You should definitely add ibloom I love peach squishies and also add anyona Tokyo English bead squishy! ;)

Yolo girl66

Hi I have not orderd yet but I will be soon and I would like if if you added the jumbo blush bun I will try to do a review on your shop when the package comes and please try to restock the aoyama Tokyo cake Rolls they look amazing ??


hi, i orderd 3 times in a rowe ?? i am so exited omg cant wait till it comes ??

Lan-anh Le

Hi, this is the first time i oreerde from This shop and i'm so impressed

Rebecca Jones

I love this store I have ordered twice and they came within 2 days... please add breadou donuts etc will buy them as ive bought everything I liked on here now,

kawaii april

The things that are in your shop is !!:)adorable!!; )

april wong

kawaii cupboard is amazing!! amy you are the best kawaii shop owner!!!! she sells so many SQUISHIES at a cheap price! :)


received my squishy and sticker today!! So happy! Thank you for fast deliver to Belgium.

Numa Limbu

Hey kawaii cupboard fans it is my third time ordering she is so nice she shipped the package the day I ordered at 5:00 pm which is amazing best shop so far


Hi placed an order and has already been dispatched... superfast!!!! Can't wait for my squishies to arrive Many thanks Laura

Macy Nutter

Hi Amy your shop is amazingly or-some LoL you are so kind sending Extras and sending the package really quick love having packages from you many thanks Macy xxx


Another superb squishy package! Thank you! X


First time buyer on this site. I have to say I'm very impressed. There are sooo many squishies at amazing prices. This is going to be my daughters favourite shop for squishies from now on. I have ordered already and cant wait until my package arrives. I wish I would of known about this site sooner as I had brought some from other sellers for my daughter for xmas and I kinda feel ripped off now from the other sites, as there are so many to choose from on here. I wish I brought all of them from here. We will defo be a regular customer.


Thank u for the lovely extras


Hey Kawaii Cupboard fans! I love this place its one of my fave kawaii stores ever!!! I have been searching for a english kawaii store FOR EVER and boy am I happy I ended up here. Thanks so much you litte kawaii seekers. Peace out :)


Well I'm just waiting for my order im so so exited and I can't wait The kawii store is lush and so cute


Thank you so much for great squishes and the extras great way to spend some of my christmas money I loved the bread rwrist cushion and tthe great squishy ness of the squishys and the fun of opening the package thanks go bye Sumer kawie cubord squishys so cheap and so good

Emilio Rodriguez Rejon

Is very good

Nicolar sohma

This is such a quick and amazing site. Ordered a couple of things and received the cutest extra. I absolutely recommend this site 100%. I will be ordering from here soon! Just hugh quality and amazing shipping care.


It's a great website and it's super awesome with cheap prises


really good webbsite and really easy to get around it and really good qualtiy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have heard Kawaii cupboard is a great uk store and they have great prises and I just ordered some they were very cheap


i love this shop so much its hard to find kawaii stuff in the UK so I'm thrilled ive found one as good as this! the prices are reasonable and I have to stop myself from buying everything! it always comes in a cute package too :)


I really loved both of the squishies I have got from here. Thank you!~

Lyn harper

Thank you for a great service and great products...... My daughter loves ure site and loves opening her squishes !!! And a surprise gift!!! Thank you amy . Lyn and Maddy x


Lovely package and speedy delivery. Will definitely be a regular customer. Thankyou so much for a great service


i have seen some much youtube videos on squshies and people say there awesome


It's a great website. From keira age 6


Everything arrived today, took 4 days (one was a Sunday!). Thanks for the big sticker and the deco tape was a nice touch :D loved everything!


I love kawaii cupboard its an amazing website and I love all of their items Amy is amazing and such a good friend Afifa


I cant wait for my package to arrive I love kawaii cupboard Afifa p.s. does anyone know when she delivers her packages


Hi Amy your the best squishy seller I know it's hard to find squishys in the UK and I have told all of my friends how great your website is and to buy from you love you!!!


I love you Amy your the best I have a full page for a wish list and I get a package every month love you lots Georgia .


OMG!! That Was fast!! First Time Buy and after 2 days arrived!!! Tested this page and i LOVE IT!!! Wanna Buy again!!! and Really often. Youv'e got a new Costumer for lifetime!! ^^


This site is awesome and the squishies are very cheap compared to other websites and I will be sure to recommend this website to all my friends :)


This Page Is AWESOME!


This is a super duper awesome website!


my package is still coming and I love squishys and kawaii cupboard mercer+kawaiicupboard=love


I love this web. In half term I am goanna get £75.00 and spending it on squishes, stickers and letter sets. you are the best web ever. love daisy


im so excited on Friday I order a package of about 19 items and im super excited I cant wait to get it I will die when I get it SO EXCITED


I'm ordering from here next week I'm so excited but I only have 20 dollars to spend lol :)


i love the hello kitty squishie and the cake, donut and stuff like that are so cute

Madison Perciado

i got my stuff in the mail i love it!! love,Madsion


Thank you so much kawaii cupboard for my Christmas gifts!


To amy my thingss came very well thankyou your a good seller and im defenetly buying from u again


I never had a squishy my mom said I can 70 cash worth of stuff here I LOVE IT HERE


Thanks for an fast delivery time and good service. Amy is really nice and packages things nicely , alone with a good price for everything. Overall this website is a really amazing place to order from . Xxxxxxxx:)


I love kawaii cupboard! The products are so cute and Amy is so kind!


I. Love. Ur. Squishies. On we new day. I will. Order. A. Package. From. U. Guys


Ordered some cute pens off her for gifts for Xmas, Arrived super fast and Amy was super pleasant to work with ^^! Would definitely recommend KawaiiCupboard! Thanks again Amy! :D

Almudena ?

The products are so cute and so cool too i love the buns and the hello kitty squishy donuts this shop is really lovely ???


I like this store.

Abigail Clark

As always a great choice and service. As well as price and delivery charge best squishy shop online Thank you xxx


i ordered on Sunday and it came today in Wednesday omgg its so fast


OMG it's soooooo good it's November now and dad said I could get some for Christmas yaaaay! ;)

sazzz :D

?ordered a package from this website a couple of months ago :) amaizing prices for the things you get :) thank you very much for the free deco tape i think that your very kind :D my squshiy and plushy are sooooo cute :o love this website and totally recomend it :D xo?


Omggg so many cheap itemss <3 I don't live in America, England TT_TT


Amazing Website ~love NadaKawaiiFanXx


Absolutely splendid ! Thank you so much all of you, and in particular Amy. My daughter is thrilled. Look forward to ordering from you again soon ! Kindest regards, Alexander.


OMG so much stuff I wish I could buy everything here I also love the section with things under 2 pounds .


I have just ordered off your website and I'm so excited to get your parcel your website is epic ??


Wow!!! The order came so fast! I ordered my haul of squishies on sunday and they arrived today! So excited! Thanks Kawaii Cupboard xx :3


<3 This site is absolutley wonderfull! The prices are great and I everything is so easy to find. x :) Im sure to be buying very soon!


I love kawaii stuffs ^^


Hiyaa! I have not yet bought anything from this website but I am shortly as I just cannot resist your adorable plushies!! Great cheap prices, will defo be recommending you to all my friends!xx


Wow I like all these squishys and those other stuff my mom said I can buy stuff like this she nows it's cute ????????my favorite is this one ????????????????????????????? so it's too cute this store I'm showing it on facebook write now wow hmm hmm I'm gonna ask my mom if I could these it's soo cute ! Cause I never bought any thing yet it's cool


Super excited for my order to arrive! :D Love the website!! Eek. (:


Thank you so much for the free squishy and the deco tape this is the best squishy site ever thanks :)




you are awsome i love your squishies


Hiya i have not bought anything yet but everything looks good quality and its super cheap im so glad you can also pay with pounds yeye :D

Isabella G

You have a awesome store! Such a cute website! I love it! And your prices are great too!!! If you could enail me a discount code that would be awesome! I will totally order! Thank you! And i will definately recommend people to your store!


The stuff here is really cute however, THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE CUTE STUFF :D

Maebhy Howell

Hellooo! So i've ordered off this website 3 times now, and i'm so pleased with every order i've recieved! I would REALLY recommend ordering off this website, as everything is so cheap and really good quality. Thank you!!

Naomi Green

I think ur store has really good prices for super amazing squishies! I will definatley buy from ur store in a few weeks time, however u will need to get ur jumbo hello kitty doghnuts and ur jumbo breadou torto squishies back in stock! plz do this for me and I'll buy from ur store and ill tell everyone I know about ur store!!! you have a great future ahead of u! :)

Maebhy Howell

Haven't ordered yet, but am soooo ordering tonight. Can't wait!! Seen an opening video from RealCharmer123 and you look like you deliver really good quality stuff and quite quickly too! Thank you!!!


This website is AMAZING! Last christmas my dad bought some stuff from here and they were sooooooooo kawaii! Cuz they were my first ever squishies! But i would like if u had japanese candy on here etc. Hi Chew popin cookin sooooo yeah KEEP KAWAII XX


You have every squishy ilove this WEBSITE!


This site is freaking awsome cheap products it has everything I want im tottaly going to buy this whole shop at my birthday. Ps I really want the candy could you try to realse it by the 7th of december if you cant its ok. Pps whats your youtube account if you have one. See you soon when I buy your awsome products cant wait to buy from you ebay is really expencive.

stephanie jones

OMG im so happy i found this site i found everything i wnter


I can't believe I won first place! So happy! :D

lisa scott

really cheap love it going to buy some but please buy some cafe de n squishys xoxo


OMG OMG yayyy I won 2nd place!! xD Thanks sooo much (:


your squishys are really cute xxx ~bethanny


This is an awesome website! Good prices for good squishies!


OMG this shop is so cheap and it has like thousands of squishies! xD Awesome shop (:


Love the squishies! Does this website give extras??


Please stock Breadou Torto Squishies!


Wow!! ^^ I really love all your products, they're so kawaii!! And everything is well priced-and shipping is cheap!! I love the squishies and the notebooks, I'll be ordering from here soon!! :)

lisa bueno

OMG i love your website i cant wait till my package comes in thank you LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. LOVE IT :)

bethanny tingey

you websites amazing cheap pandg and have lovely products :) xoxoxo bethanny tingey if you wish to see my website its caalled


OMG! so cheap , thankyou soo much best website ever

Teigan Purkiss

Wow ! This website is SO good ! New squishes arrived and I bought 5 the same night ! X thanks for the free deco tape with each order also ! X

Jodie Ann Pitt

i love this website ekkkkk i have ordered my first squishes from here i cant wait to get them xxx


thanks for getting hello kitty donuts


I LOVE your website


HI its daniella and just LOVE Kawii Cupboard so much i want everything on the website cant wait for my package to arrive.

James Govern

Kawaii Cupboard is brilliant. I thought it was located in the USA but its located in the UK which is great because I live in the UK. And the shipping cost are super cheap!


i love your sqishies and cute awesme stickers!!!!!!!!!


everything i purchased was sooooo cute and adorable,i will definatly shop here again and thanks for the extra gift ^_^


I love all the rilakkuma items that you guys sell.Hope I can buy soon.


LOVE this site! The extra deco tape was so cute & that was very kind of kawaiicupboard to send (:

kawaii rillakumma

hi its ella i love this website xxxxxx


i love kawaii stuff i am absessed i love thi website and might order one of every thing in years to come thanks xxxxxx


This shop is really cute, with affordable prices! it is so hard to find a good shop like this in the UK! thank you sooo much, I cant wait to get my package!! love Lucy xxx ^ 3 ^


I really love this website its really good prices and everything i want XD i be coming every time i get money so i can get everything XD


Received my package of cute stuff and it was packaged lovely with stickers and cute tape on the front. Also a free gift, thank you, will definitely order again. Lots of choice and fast delivery. xx


Hi I thin thay ore good a planing to get some the panda and Micky mouse ones I olso want to haves noetbook


Hi! I just wanted to say i absolutely love this website! I love buying squishies here! :)

Marina Poplavsky

Thank you very much! Super fast delivery and adorable items. My daughter is so happy! Will come back soon... Marina


hello kawaii cupboard i LOVE this store so much it is the best i love your squishies i have just ordered 13 squishies and i can't wait for them to come and my cousin ordered some and they came in just 2 days super quick so hopefully mine will come soon I'M SO EXITED!


i love ur website sooooooo much. the stuff are soooooooo cheap!!!! :)


i absoutley love this web so much love u kawaii cupboard!!!


My daughter and I love this site and you will definitely be seeing us again soon. It seems my daughter has 1 of everything on her wishlist :D

Rhian m

Hi there Just got my package today and I love it! Also they send u a free roll of deco tape with every order it's sooooo cute!

Jasmine Steele

Yet another package:)

Kawaii lover 2103

Ordered yesterday and I am sooooo exited for my package to come


I RLLY LOVE kawaii cupboarddddd!!!! U sell amazing items at a rlly low price which is sooooo gud xx i am awating a order and iam SUPER excitedddd!!!!! I love kawaii cupboard! xx (???)(o^^o)( ^?^ )


i REALLY want the mamagoma folder. it's so cute

Claire T

omg I love your site so much cuteness x


all your things are very cute ! i love them !

Jasmine is a kawaii cutie

Just ordered I'm super exited cant wait till my squishes arrive I would have bought the whole shop :-) :D


hello, i absolutely love treating myself from kawaii cupboard! the packages are always decorated with kawaii stickers etc. and you get the cutest little roll of tape in every order! i've ordered a couple now since last year, my favourite was around christmas, where there was a special offer of recieving a extra charm if you spent £10 or more. i was just under, so i thought i'd be a bit cheeky and see my luck if i asked for one, and i got one!!! i was so happy and grateful to Amy and she put lots of cute paper stars in the package too. i honestly LOVE this shop :3!!! xoxo p.s i just ordered the bright pink raccoon which is super cute, but wonder if you may be getting the hot pink one in stock? i saw it online somewhere i hope they haven't disappeared! no worries if not :)


super duper cute ~|!!! MY FAV SHOP EVER !!!!


love your shop, everything is soo cute!!!


wow i looove this stuff soo cheep and cute soo puting this stuff on my xmas list x


THANK YOU SO MUCH One thing you don't have that I would like though is cracking chocolates but THANK YOU SO MUCH

Trish M

Great website! I love all the cute things. I got many items on my desk at work :-) Keep up the great work. xxx

Ellie Turpie

Thank You So Much For The Extras And All Of It! Love Everything I Bought Will Be Shopping Again Here!!

Ellie Turpie

hi im loving your store and im also a student to your sister :D


I took a look and i can't WAIT to order some!


Omg I love your things they are soooo cute <3


i <3 kawaii!!!!!!!!




hey i lovvve kawaii cupboard


You have the most coolest store ever


i really love kawaii


Cutie Website ~> , <~ Kawaii




I love this website, the products are high quality, it is easy to navigate around and a wide range of products.

Jaymie Rattray

Hello. This is Jaymie Gabby Rattray and i LLOOOOOOVVVVEEE KAWAII CUPBOARDDD! I Took One Look At It And I Loved It! x3 thank you for storing us with cool items at a low price.


i love this site there is so much to cchoose from if i could i whould buy all the stuff on this site i can not waite to see what you guys will brig next




This site has lovely things ^q^ i'm gonna shop here soon too (i hope huhuhu) I'm really thankful to you guys, this site is treasure ; Q ;

Mindy Davis

Super Kawaii!!!! I do believe I may be shopping here soon!!! Thanks for making kawaii affordable! It's very hard to find sites in English that sell my love for affordable prices. Thanks again!


Hey guys, cute website - we're lovin' it! :D xxxx


Uber Kawaii!

Belle & Dave

Hello to everyone at Kawaii Cupboard. I do so hope we're the first to sign the guest book. Your site is lovely, so easy to negotiate. If not a little too tempting! Beautiful items,quickly delivered. We'll be back. B & D. from Dorset.